Reverence for Nature

British Pacific Properties is conscious of its responsibility to the 2,000 acres of land currently under its stewardship, including its relationship to the existing community below and the recreational playground above. BPP weaves this philosophy into each facet of our craft through thoughtful community planning, repurposing natural materials and basing every decision we make around what is best for the land.

Access to Recreation

We are committed to providing access to the wealth of recreation our land offers. The Mountain Path is a 5 km multi-use paved trail system that winds through the forest and leads to a host of recreational opportunities. Built with full accessibility in mind, the Mountain Path opens up this one-of-a-kind landscape to all.

Protecting our Streams

Water is our most precious resource. BPP takes great care to ensure the continued health of the complex network of streams and wetlands that winds across the mountainside, preserving these vital pathways for years to come.

Sustainable Building

We take pride in our role as an innovator in the realm of sustainable building. From architectural and landscape design to construction materials and practices, BPP is guided at every step by an appreciation for nature and commitment to environmental preservation.

Courtenay, our first electrified building, was recently completed in February 2023. Courtenay is a significant early step toward manifesting our climate action goals, and our vision for a low carbon, future village on the mountain side.


  • Complete: 4 KM
  • To Come: 1.3 KM


  • Complete: 5.4 KM
  • To Come: 2.5 KM

  • 26 BRIDGES*

  • Complete: 22 bridges
  • To Come: 4 bridges
  • * Predominantly constructed of timber milled on-site


  • Lighting will increase the usability of the Mountain Path year-round
    More To Come in 2024
  • * Lighting will dim overnight and reactivate upon motion

Building in Nature

As part of our commitment to improving access to the outdoors, we design and build infrastructure that enhances the recreational experience on our lands and respects our natural surroundings. With a light touch on the land and the use of repurposed materials, the Mountain Path’s trestle bridge perfectly encapsulates this environmental ethos.