The Collection

The Collection by Battersby Howat


West Coast Modern Homes by Battersby Howat 3,500 – 3,900 Sq. Ft. Residences
A limited collection of homes representing a fully-curated living experience by award-winning architects Battersby Howat, these homes are the crown of Uplands. Perched on the neighbourhood’s top shelf, their iconic West Coast Modern design will blend seamlessly with the surrounding nature and frame the region’s most stunning panoramic views.

West Coast Modern Homes by Battersby Howat 2,200 – 2,900 Sq. Ft. Residences

The second phase of The Collection will consist of ten efficiently designed 2,200-2,600 sq. ft. homes, carefully positioned amidst the spectacular trees that frame Uplands. Dappled ocean light through cedar boughs and view corridors of the Burrard Inlet make these homes refined sanctuaries that highlight all of the natural treasures that make Uplands special.

  • Location
    Uplands, West Vancouver, BC
  • Number of Residences
  • Residences
    3,500 – 3,900 sq. ft.
    2,200 – 2,900 sq. ft.
  • Architect
    Battersby Howat
  • Interior Design
    Battersby Howat
  • Coming
    Late 2020