Design Guidelines

Neighbourhood 1 Requirements: Original/General

For homes in the Neighbourhood 1 Property, you will require
the following:

  1. Procedure and General Design Guidelines for Submission and Approval of Plans – British Pacific Properties Limited Subdivisions. Click Here.  While meetings may be held and informal comment provided, formal processing of any application will not commence until the receipt of the processing fee, the security deposit (where applicable) and a full and complete submission of all materials as listed in the appropriate application kit.
  2. Application Kit – British Pacific Properties
    Please choose one of the following categories, as applicable:

Category 1:

A new or replacement house or a significant addition or modification to an existing building or structure.
Click Here for Category 1 Application Kit

Category 2:

A small to medium (less than 15% of existing building footprint) exterior addition or modification to an existing building or structure. This includes any roofed (sheltered) building and any
structurally supported area and any additional rooms. For example, a bay window, a vestibule, mud room, entrance porch, lean-to addition, raised deck, garden shed or studio etc.
Click Here for a Category 2 Application Kit

Category 3:

Any alteration or addition to existing outdoor site work such as an outdoor swimming pool, tennis court, patio, fence, retaining wall, gazebo etc., including any major change of grade.
Click Here for a Category 3 Application Kit